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It is the function and feature of cell phone jammer

It is the function and feature of cell phone jammer .
Then the order of execution of its boot program data read from external memory (font, chip). If not read the information at this time, the CPU internal reset (via the CPU internal "watchdog" or

hardware reset command) bootloader If successful completion of implementation, the CPU was taken from the external font program execution, if acquisition procedures are abnormal, it can lead to a

"watchdog" to reset both the program and from address start. The CPU reads the character through the parallel data and address lines and address lines, together with the read and write control

clock line W / R, some readers may ask, font is how to distinguish between the program read, or read the data? Microcontroller with external program memory chip select signal line or the CS, CE,

and the W / R role, you can allow the character to distinguish between read data or program. Install the main machine of cell phone jammer first.
Phone all the software work processes are carried out under the action of the CPU, the specific division of the five processes described below. These processes are software in the form of data

storage in the phone in EEPROM and FLASHROM of when the phones power supply module detects a power key is pressed, the cell phone battery voltage is converted to a voltage suitable for the use of

the phone circuit value supplied to the power module, the clock circuit supply voltage oscillation signal into the logic circuit, CPU voltage and clock signal, performs the boot process, the first

read from the ROM boot code execution logic The self-test of the system. And all of the reset signal is set high, if the self-test through. cell phone jammer will only act on cell phone

The CPU is given Watchdog (Watchdog) signal to the module, then the power supply module in the role of watchdog (Watchdog) signal to maintain the boot. Phone is switched on, not only search for the

broadcast control signal Road (BCCH) carrier frequency. Because the system at any time be sent to each user in the community users to broadcast control information. Phone to collect the search to

the strongest (BCCH) carrier frequency. The carrier frequency corresponding to the read frequency correction channel (FCCH), frequency and synchronization of the mobile phone (MS). Each users

mobile phone in different morning (both residential) carrier frequency is fixed, it is to determine when the network by the GSM network operator, rather than determined by the users GSM phone.

Mobile phones to read the sync channel. It is 1 set of main machine of cell phone jammer .

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