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Electronic Game Circuit Proposal Unsolved

A request from another keen enthusiast and follower of this blog Sireesha dnv has been presented here, its regarding the making of an electronic game circuit with some interesting functions. The ask looks a bit tough, especially with discrete components and without micro-controllers, lets learn the functioning details of the proposed circuit from the following email that was sent to me.

 hello sir,
This is siree... as i told u i have a dream of making a circuit for a game so i will explain it in my words with my full effort..
the main aim of this game is just game is "to play with the simple calculations"at least two  must play the game. if there is only one player then kit must act as the second player.
here in this game we contain 100 numbers. it is divided into 10 groups. like 1-10 as 1st group, 11-20 as 2nd  and so on.. till 91 and 100 as 10th group so in each group one number of our (designer) choice is marked with red and other with black. the players have to through a die. if this player steps into the red mark numbered place then he is said to e in a "inquired state". then a random of 10 simple calculations╬▒will displayed on the display and he has to answer them. the toughness in the mathematical expression depends on the group he is in.(for eg : if he is in 1st stage simple additions or subtractions, if 2nd group it may include combination of additions and subtraction.. finally int he last stage, it includes logical calculations like AND, OR ....) if he answer all the questions correctly then he will step to next number. an passing of each stage gives him a bonus of 10 points. if not he jumps to previous group (i.e -10 points). the person who steps in to the black mark can skips the numbers (for eg: if a  person stepped to 1st stage black point at number 2 then he can move to 3. at stage 2 if black point is at 12 he can move to 14. and so on......skipping of numbers increases correspondingly the stage level.)...
finally the person who reaches the last stage and crosses the red mark is said to be the winner....
that all..........

i hope u will show me a way suggest me if there are any modifications in the logics or any wrongs.
thank you..
So far I have no clue how to design this circuit because it appears that this circuit might require some complex logical calculations.
Any ideas? If you have any suggestions regarding the desired circuit, feel free to comment, will be greatly appreciated. 

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